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Data Protection Law (LOPD)

In agreement of the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, as for date December 13th, regarding personal data protection, we inform you that by filing the forms which exist in this web site, your personal information will remain and be processed in Cimelsa, S.L.,files, in order to inform you and satisfied yours needs, and this information will be safe from others persons, who have not your express consent. Thereby, we inform you about your right to access, change or cancel you personal information, sending an e-mail at [email protected] or a mail at Cimelsa, S.L.C/ Gran Bretanya, 5 – 08700 Igualada (Barcelona), pointing out clearly into Object: Data Protection Law Appeal.

Cimelsa, S.L.web site, seeks from its users personal data: name, first name, address, etc, in order to achieve the procedures asked by the user, respecting security and confidential conditions that the legislation required for each case.

These data will be integrated in Cimelsa, S.L., corresponding computerized files, in agreement with the legislation or law in effect for each case.

Cimelsa, S.L. guarantees all confidentiality in relation with personal data processing that is collected, as to set up technical and organisational measures in order to guarantee data protection.