Project Description

Due to the buildings of the Theater and Café del Progres in Martorell, the current regulations on the application of security and fire protection, as well as the improvement of the air conditioning system of the theater building.

Summary of the main actions carried out:

  1. Conditioning of the stage box as a fire protection sector through the installation of fireproof curtains and continuous water sprinklers at the mouth of the stage and implementation of the water reserve tank and the pumping system.
  2. Installation of vents on the cover of the stage box and protection of its structural elements.
  3. Relocation of the technical premises of special risk on stage and replacement of the energy source from diesel oil to gas.
  4. Implementation of the current heating system for air conditioning in the Teatro building, with a 120kW air / water heat pump, which will work in parallel with the new boiler through a hydraulic needle and an air treatment unit with free cooling with HRS efficiency 75.8%.
  5. Installation of lighting, detection, alarm and extinguishing systems in case of fire.
  6. Implementation of BIE fire extinguishers and fire hoses according to current regulations.
  7. Actions in elements of the evacuation routes consisting of the implantation of antipathic bars in the doors, change of the opening of the doors and modification of the width of one of the two flapping blades.
  8. Execution of gas connection to supply autonomous heat generation equipment Adaptation of the technical enclosure to current regulations.
  9. Installation of siemens brand control system (Synco type) “or equivalent” with web module that allows remote control of production, programming and emission of alarms or equivalent. This system is implemented in various municipal facilities with the intention of unifying characteristics, criteria and operation in all the municipal facilities of Martorell.