Industrial and Building Installations

CIMELSA offers its services to companies and entities, in both public and private sectors.

With the purpose of establishing the suitable management model while the project process in taking place, we classify them under the following groups of business:

Tertiary Sector

  • Hotelier

  • Leisure

  • Hospitable

  • Sanitary

  • Sociocultural

  • Veterinary

  • Administrative

  • Deportive

  • Educational

Industrial Sector

  • Pharmacist

  • Chemical

  • Logistic

  • Feeding

  • Productive Process

  • White Rooms

  • Industrial Ships

  • Offices

  • Production Rooms

  • Technicial Rooms

Public and private infrastructures: Town Halls, Hospitals, Museums.

CIMELSA has a solid background within the Industrial sector emphasizing its presence in the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Medical facilities. Innovation and solutions are our main policies in any industrial process, always keeping in mind the best economical results for the client.

CIMELSA has a strong presence in the Industrial sector, highlighting its practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Hospital sector.

We have the capacity to apply innovative solutions that affect the final costs of industrial processes.

The Building sector is where CIMELSA originated. We adjust to any requirement our customers request, always based on the regulation established, and the size and complexity of the installation.

The industries where our company has had most presence are office buildings, fitness centres, hotels and public buildings.

The technical office of CIMELSA verifies the project of the facilities, carries out the executive and is present in all the phases of exercise of the works. This guarantees the quality of the final product.

– CIMELSA, Engineering Applied to Service –