Industrial Facilities Management

Cimelsa’s management service includes the entirety of our clients’ facilities, given our multidisciplinary service, we carry out conductive maintenance, hand in hand with the equipment manufacturer, always advising our client first-hand.

The management of the installation is closely linked to the industrial maintenance that we carry out at Cimelsa which, through a contract, defines which machinery and installation we are going to maintain.

Another aspect is the budgeting and checking of the facilities, an essential tool to know first-hand which emergencies we must prioritize, to avoid the collapse of the installation, thus avoiding accidents that could be serious, also production stoppages due to not having analyzed the current state of the facilities.


We manage the facilities we have at Cimelsa with the latest technology available to increase our precision and offer our clients a service that combines professionalism with modernity.

Many times we see a machine or the wiring of an installation from the outside and it seems to us that everything works perfectly, but when we check-in, we see that the current that circulates is not correct and that the machine that works apparently well, To stop.

We are specialists in the global management of all installations, both mechanical and electrical, as a guarantee of service, quality and innovation.

  • Distribution
  • Substations
  • Lighting
  • Audiovisual
  • Structured cabling
  • Fire detection
  • Electronic installations

In this context, CIMELSA contributes the technical knowledge and experience of both its technicians and that accumulated by the company itself.


– CIMELSA, Engineering Applied to Service –